Prime Rocks: Freddie Mercury

9:35pm Monday, August 10 on Prime


Our background and cultural influences shape the people we become, but Freddie Mercury balanced out the public accessibility he had to endure as a superstar with a protective wall of silence around his family, friends and personal history. This documentary goes behind that wall and tells the untold story of the man behind the myth.

After his childhood days in Zanzibar and schooling near Bombay, Freddie arrives with his parents and sister in England to start a new life from scratch. He goes to art college in London; he joins his first bands Ibex and Wreckage; he attains true stardom with Queen; he works on his legendry costumes; he parties; he moves to New York and then Munich and goes solo; he achieves his dream of recording with Montserrat Caballé; all of this whilst remaining the front man of one of the most successful rock bands ever. This documentary enables the viewer to reflect on this showman’s career, sexuality and sensitivity. We meet his family, confidants and friends who shared his extraordinary life and ultimately cared for him during his long illness leading to his death from AIDS on November 24th 1991.

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