Prime Rocks: Pink Floyd

9:30pm Monday, August 24 on Prime


Which One’s Pink is the official documentary spanning the career of the world’s most successful rock band, Pink Floyd. The band members take us on a journey from their humble beginnings in 1965 when fallen star Syd Barrett fronted the band and then on through a turbulent career spanning four decades.

Through interviews with David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Nick Mason and Richard Wright, plus archive performance footage and promo videos, the real and sometimes very honest Pink Floyd story is told.

This BBC documentary starts at the very beginning of newly formed Pink Floyd with Barrett at the song writing helm. His songs had a distinctively British quirky edge and the band soon moved away from their underground beginnings, producing hits such as Arnold Lane and were snapped up by EMI in 1967 on the back of the single. However cracks started to show with Barrett’s mental state as he was pushed further into the limelight.

With Barrett sliding out of the picture and very much in his own world, in came David Gilmour and so began the transition from the British psychedelic music to the extensive sound of prog rock. The documentary takes us through the changes, from Arnold Lane to Atom Heart Mother to the legendary The Dark Side of the Moon and the huge success that was The Wall.

Personal accounts and stories guide us through these transitions, discoveries and arguments which led to strained and broken relationships amongst the group. The result was Waters walking away from the group and the beginning of a new chapter in the Pink Floyd story

Finally, here is the full and official Pink Floyd story. What really happened and what the future holds for one of the greatest rock bands in the world.

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