The Missing: Patrick Fisk

Monday 3 August, 8.30pm

Sydney Patrick Fisk, known to his family as ‘Pat’, was an adventurous Englishman who had served in India in the Punjab Police Force. On returning to England, he was bored. When he found it could take months to become a ’10 pound’ immigrant to New Zealand, he bought a yacht, taught himself to sail it in 10 days, packed up his young family, and set sail.

The Missing takes a fresh look at the disappearance of Sydney Patrick Fisk (tonight at 8.30pm on TV ONE). He was working as a tax inspector in the Tauranga, Murupara area when he vanished, on a routine work trip.

His government issue Vauxhall car was found in a remote location in Urawera country, known to locals as ‘The Summit’. The car door was open; his thermos of tea was there with a cup poured two thirds full; his suitcase, tax files and briefcase were intact.

Maureen Thomas, who was married to Fisk, says life was good for the pair. “He was a real family man, he loved the kids, when he got back from work he’d take them down for a swim. We were just so happy.”

When Fisk failed to return home on schedule Maureen began to worry. She says a few days later she was informed that Fisk’s car had been discovered and that a police investigation was underway. “It was a terrible time, a terrible time. Just not knowing what had happened to him.”

The Police inquiry was called off, and friends and family joined together to organise a search party. They thoroughly looked for Fisk, but found nothing – no body, no clues, and no trace of him.

While Police at the time believed Fisk staged his own disappearance, the family believed he was murdered.

Watch The Missing tonight at 8.30pm on TV ONE.

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