TVNZ dumps another home-grown show

It’s happened again.  Complacency has won out over creativity and it’s now just too hard for TVNZ to make Mitre 10 Dream Home profitably.

A season in 2010 of the highly rating series was always in question after the company that had been making it went belly up recently but TVNZ had been expressed interest so there was still a glimmer of hope of it surviving.  However, thankfully there is a bit of a recession on at the moment so that’s excuse that’s been handed down as why they’ve decided to shelve it.

This leads me to a number of questions.  TVNZ were planning on producing the show in-house which one would expect would have saved them thousands in the first instance so where does that leave the problem being?  One would have to assume therefore that the sponsors just aren’t prepared to stump up with the same level of support that they had in the past leaving TVNZ with the proposition of either finding other sponsors or dropping it altogether.

Of course, it’s too much effort to have that level of commitment from our state broadcaster.  The easier, cheaper option is always the safer one to go with.

So what will replace it?  I’m sure they could pick Channel Nine’s Home Made for dirt cheap.

Here’s to less local content on air, again.

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