A Guinea Pig Breeder on Animal Academy

7:30pm Sunday, September 20 on TVNZ 6

Presented by Olympic Gold Medallist Sarah Ulmer and Wildlife Park Ranger Jeremy Maguire, Animal Academy continues to entertain and delight animal lovers.

This week Sarah Ulmer and Jeremy Maguire bring you an episode of Animal Academy accompanied by Louise, the Hungarian Puli, crowned New Zealand’s ‘Best in Show’ dog. Meet Andrew Wilson who cares for marine life, and passionate Guinea Pig breeder, Margaret Stockwell, who has over fifty years experience in breeding prized cavies. Topping off the pet assortment, Alfie, the allergic Bichon Frise, gets a doggy skin test, and Jeremy tries his hand at Polo.

If you have missed an episode, full episodes of Animal Academy will be available free online after the show has aired on TVNZ 6. Go to tvnz.co.nz/animalacademy and click the ‘watch episode’ button.

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