Apparitions Premiere

9:30pm Tuesday, September 22 on Prime


Father Jacob, Vatican Saint-maker, miracle detective and exorcist, is on a mission: to defeat Satan before the end of the world. The stakes really are that high, as the Devil tightens his grip.

For the maverick Jacob, played by award-winning star Martin Shaw (The Professionals, Judge John Deed), the job’s getting busier by the week. Claims of apparitions, possessions, signs of the Saints and the miracles of God are on the up. For some, this is proof the struggle with Satan is intensifying and Armageddon is approaching fast. For others, it’s merely an indication the Catholic Church is increasingly vulnerable to the whims of the deranged and deceitful…

Investigating the truth, confronting the sceptics as well as pure evil, takes a priest of extraordinary integrity, intelligence, compassion and guts but – above all – faith. Father Jacob is such a priest: a man whose convictions enables and emboldens him to confront the controversial, to present the truth in all its forms, wherever that leads him. And, with Jacob forced to face his own hidden demons, we follow him deep into that heart of darkness: witnessing, as he does, the most startling acts of satanic and saintly behaviour.

Written and directed by the electrifying Joe Ahearne (Perfect Parents, Dr Who), Apparitions confronts us with as many questions as answers, taking us on a challenging, often terrifying but ultimately life-affirming journey of white knuckle supernatural mystery and intrigue.

EPISODE ONE: Ten-year-old Donna comes to the seminary convinced that her father Liam is possessed by the devil. After listening to her tale, Jacob thinks it’s more likely that her fears are the product of an over-active imagination. He needs proof before he can act. Jacob regrets his initial reluctance when it becomes clear to him that Liam is possessed by an unclean spirit.

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