Beachcomber Cottage Series Premiere

7:30pm Saturday, September 5 on Prime


An escape to a rural idyll has long been the fantasy of many a city commuter – but is it achievable in a time when we are used to easy-living, with all amenities on tap?

Monty Halls thinks it is. A former Royal Marine, Monty is a highly qualified diver, marine biologist and explorer – but will this experience help him to beat the worst that Scotland’s weather can throw at him?

The plan is to live in a crofters cottage off the west coast of Scotland – arriving early in March, when the worst of the winter storms have passed, and then taking advantage of each season; living off the land and sea and raising sheep. Despite his enthusiasm, skills and the help of friends, is it enough to help Monty overcome the obstacles?

EPISODE ONE – Marine biologist and professional diver Monty Halls and his dog Reuben arrive in the west coast of Scotland to spend the next six months living the simple life of a crofter. It’s March, and the days are growing longer and the worst of the winter storms are past. Moving into a run-down cattle shed overlooking an isolated beach, he enlists the help of a team of locals to help him turn it into a comfortable home. The spring weather is the best anyone can remember and Monty is soon bringing the croft to life, with a crystal-clear sea inviting him to explore.

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