Code Red: Moment Of Survival Returns

the BOX – Sunday 27 September & 4 October, 9.30pm

Witness moments of desperation and triumph from around the world as we see rare unexpected moments of terrifying crisis. Men and women fight against earth, air, water and fire in Code Red: Moment Of Survival. Share in the petrifying moment as a plane with no landing gear screams in for a flaming conclusion to a terrifying trip. A brave and dauntless man fights against raging waters as he is trapped inside an ocean cave. Flames surround a woman in a high-rise hotel as she struggles to save her daughter.

Not to mention the anti hero – watch an unbelievable story of Cowardice and heroism, as the Captain abandons the passengers of a sinking liner while one courageous man works to save their lives.

These are the real life struggles of trained professionals and everyday heroes – the people who rise to the challenge and put their lives on the line. This is … Code Red: Moment Of Survival.

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