Fellowship of the Sun

Fellowship of the Sun

We are the Light

Do you fear for humanity? Are you worried that our great nation is being eroded by a sinister force? Are you sick of Vampire sympathisers?

Have faith friend, you are not alone. Welcome to the Fellowship of the Sun – we are an organisation that believes that humanity belongs to humans, not to the living dead.

It’s nothing new for teenagers and young adults to flock to the newest trend, and it’s hardly uncommon for these fashion choices to be self-destructive, like smoking, drugs, tattoos or homosexuality. But the latest fad — a soulless eternity of drinking blood — can’t be undone with a laser treatment or rehab. Vampirism is forever.

The Reverand Steve Newlin and his lovely wife Sarah are commited to protecting all that is sacred in this fine nation of ours. Through their church and community activities they are sending a message to all Vampires and the message is loud and clear, “Go to Hell Vampires!”

If you would like to find our more about the Fellowship of the Sun, why not attend our Light of Day Institute for one of our training courses. This intensive 12-week program (every Wednesday night at 9.30pm) will prepare you to for a lifetime of dedicated service to Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior. Just as a shepherd learns to guard his flock from marauding wolves, every LODI participant receives the teaching necessary to defend his people from the many menaces posed by vampires. Only $1,200!

Next Light of Day Institute Training Course starts 2nd September SIGN UP NOW!

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