From The BBC: Age Of Terror - The Paris Plot

7:10pm Thursday, September 3 on TVNZ 7

Whilst political violence has always been with us, in the late 1960’s it came of age. Terrorists, realising the power of the media, began to hijack planes and target civilians. The Age of Terror was born.

The third instalment of this four-part documentary series looks at how an Air France plane was hijacked in 1994 with the intention of being used as a missile, crashing it into the heart of Paris.

As the flight was preparing to leave Algiers airport, four men dressed in uniforms entered the plane to check passports. But they were not officials of the Algerian authorities, they were members of the GIA, an Islamist extremist group who had been slaughtering thousands across Algeria for the last two years.

An elite team of French commandos raided the plane, killing the terrorists and saving the hostages. It marked a new form of terror – one in which the struggle of one country is mixed with devotion to religious extremism. The result is a spectacular war on the non-believer, a war that makes no distinction between guilty and innocent, combatant and civilian.

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