Inside Maximum Security Premiere

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Mondays from 28 September, 9.30pm

With more than 2 million people presently doing time, issues inside the prisons resonate beyond their walls. Gangs find fresh recruits here while their leaders continue to run their empires from within their cells, prison supervisors struggle to find the balance between punishment and rehabilitation, drugs and sex are a hard truth throughout the system leaving a lasting mark on prisoners that fall prey, race is the line that divides, an extreme version of the world outside prison. With violence always in the air, how do prisoners navigate the minefield of respect and how do guards maintain order in this hostile world? The six-part series enters for one year, one of America’s most secure prisons. A fortress built to house criminals that other prisons can’t handle. With 2,500 of America’s toughest criminal inmates incarcerated here, it is rife with conflict, drama and violence. Inside: Maximum Security is about life: serving, living, losing and transforming it.

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