Is Chuck Really Out Of The Picture on Gossip Girl?

3:00pm Sunday, September 13 on TV2

It’s prom season, this week on Gossip Girl, and Blair (Leighton Meester) looks set to spend the evening as she had always envisioned it, with Nate (Chace Crawford) by her side, but is Chuck (Ed Westwick) really out of the picture for good?

Since she was 12 years old, Blair has dreamed about and planned out her prom night, down to the last minute detail. But things don’t go quite as planned. When her corsage disappears, her dress gets ruined, and their limo and hotel suite booking gets cancelled, Nate suspects Chuck of sabotage. But is Chuck truly to blame?

Ed Westwick talks about the contentious relationship his character, Chuck has with his best friend Nate, fuelled on by their rivalry over Blair, musing whether this is the end of their long friendship.

“There is that relationship and that history of the two best friends,” Westwick tells the TV Guide USA, “but there is always that possibility of them getting back together.”

The dark horse among Gossip Girl’s trust fund children, Chuck has always remained inaccessible to the viewer, except for his brief and emotional dealings with Blair, in which he is painfully withheld.

Westwick says it is the multiple layers of Chuck that make him such a beguiling character. “He has this dark side which is an interesting angle because the other characters are a nicer bunch, and Chuck has this demonic, evil side.”

But when Chuck is with Blair, we see a softer side of him. “He does help other people out,” Westwick is quick to point out, “and then he goes back to his old ways with the whole love affair with Blair. He’s actually in love with her. He thinks he’s found the one.”

It would seem that in this case the old adage of ‘opposites attract’ is incorrect. “They are very much the same, though the extent of her attraction toward him is not as much as his attraction for her,” says Westwick. “To put two characters like Chuck and Blair together and to see them go at it and see what they fire up can definitely provide very, very good entertainment,” he finishes.

Also this week, Gossip Girl goes back to the 80’s in a special flashback, and meets a young Lily van der Woodsen, which adds an interesting perspective on Serena’s recent run-in with the law. Also featuring a performance by No Doubt.

If you have missed an episode, full episodes of Gossip Girl will be available free online 12 hours after the show has aired on TV2. Go to and click the ‘ondemand’ button.

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