Jacob Is Left Reeling on Apparitions

9:30pm Tuesday, September 29 on Prime


Jacob is left reeling when he is approached by a homeless man named Michael who confesses to Vimal’s murder. Jacob knows the crime is the work of the devil and resists passing this information onto the police. He tracks Michael down himself, determined to save his soul. However the demon openly taunts him stating that it is Jacob that needs to be exorcised.

The pressure starts to mount on Jacob as the detective in charge of the Vimal investigation begins to suspect that Jacob knows more than he is letting on. But Jacob ploughs on regardless enlisting the help of the recently exorcised Liam. They receive a Bible from Michael made out of Vimal’s skin with bloody fingerprints highlighting various anti-Semitic passages. Before they can unravel this mystery Sister Anne is killed while taking a shower and Monsignor Vincenzo is left hospitalised after being injected with acid. Both crimes are reminiscent of the holocaust. When they finally find a lamp made out of Vimal’s skin the devil’s message has become clear: the plight of the damned is comparable to the Holocaust and God is a despot worse than Hitler.

Will Father Jacob be able to exorcise the demon within Michael or will this dark force be too powerful to overcome?

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