Living Cultures: The Great Desert Turf

Documentary Channel – Sunday 26 September, 7.30pm

Journey into the remote lives of indigenous people across the world who continue to live their lives as their ancestors did centuries before. The series continues with The Great Desert Turf…In Niger, in the Sahel region, dromedary races are extremely popular, and stir up huge excitement among the local nomadic communities. At 35, Djouri Bigué is the village chief of the Peul Woodabe of Belil Tanfirgan. With his two dromedaries and jockeys he races all year round. This year, Djouri and the villagers have decided to organize the grand final at home, in Belil Tanfirgan. Every man dreams of taking part in this important event where a hundred of the best Nigerian dromedaries compete. And everyone hopes to win the $3,000 prize that will be shared among the five winners.

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