Sunday Theatre: Eyewitness - The Danielle Cable Story

8:30pm Sunday, September 27 on TV One

Danielle Cable’s life changed forever on May 19, 1996. While driving herself and her fiancé, Stephen Cameron, she inadvertently cut off a Land Rover Discovery, which then forced them to stop. The man and Cameron had words; a fight ensued and the man fatally stabbed Stephen and fled.

Starring Bill Paterson (Doctor Zhivago) and Joanne Froggatt (Coronation Street and Bad Girls), tonight’s Sunday Theatre: Eyewitness – The Danielle Cable Story, is based on the real-life story of the teenage girl who pays a personal price for justice (at 8.30pm on TV ONE).

Following the death of her boyfriend, the subsequent court case leads her into a terrifying life as she fights for justice against his murderer, shady gangland leader Kenneth Noye. Cable’s evidence plays a crucial part in convicting the notorious underworld figure responsible for the ruthless murder of her boyfriend. But with a contract out on her life, she is forced to take on a secret identity, leaving her family and old life behind.

Joanne Froggatt rose to the challenge of the role of Danielle Cable, saying it was an amazing part to play: “Danielle is a year older then me in real life. She was 17 when Stephen was murdered and I was only 16, so at that time I wasn’t really aware what was going on in the world. When I read the script I thought what a horrible and amazing thing to happen to somebody, especially somebody that young. As I am pretty much the same age, I thought ‘God, how would I have coped with all that?’ It’s such a tragic story and I really wanted to do it.”

Froggatt says she tried to put herself in Cable’s shoes, imagining what life was like after the incident and the four years inbetween the murder to the trial. “What happened to her in that four years wouldn’t happen to most people in a lifetime – that much stress and heartache.”

As part of her research, Froggatt met Danielle Cable, who is still under the Witness Protection Scheme. “I don’t know what I was expecting when I met her, whether I was expecting her to be some shivering wreck or something, but she was just so down to earth and so normal. She looks very different now as well, and you would just never guess that she has been through all of this. It helped as we got on really well – she is somebody I would choose as a friend.

“It was really lovely to get a feel for her and meet her. It helped to relate it to a real story. It’s such an extraordinary story that if someone had just written it you would think ‘that’s a bit unbelievable really’, but it did actually happen.”

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