True Stories: Welcome To Fatland

8:30pm Wednesday, September 9 on Prime


On Mexico’s stunning East Coast, lies Freedom Paradise – the world’s first holiday resort where it’s not ‘in’ to be thin. The resort’s motto is ‘Live Large, Live Free’, and being big is not only accepted – it’s positively encouraged.

It’s the destination for five desperately unhappy obese Brits who’ve been given a once in a lifetime opportunity to rediscover themselves. With confidence and self-esteem at an all time low, they have never had the courage to live large and free – until now.

Welcome to Fatland, takes them to heavyweight heaven, Paradise Island, on a seven-day journey of rediscovery. Complete with king-sized beds; sturdy, super-sized hammocks, walk-in swimming pools and the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea just a few short steps from the ocean-front apartments, it’s the only place in the world where large people can enjoy themselves free from prejudice and their own feelings of low self worth.

At Freedom Paradise ‘living large’ is a state of mind, a place where size is celebrated and a place that over weight people can not only start accepting their size, but start living their lives.

Among the heavy-weights are 44-year-old Wayne who tips the scales at 24 stone. His wife recently left him because he is too fat. And health care worker Helen, who weighs 22 stone and is so ashamed of her body, she hasn’t swum in public for 15 years.

They’ll be meeting US fat liberation guru Marilyn Wann, a 270 lb renowned fat rights activist and author, who believes you can be fat and happy. Her methods are unusual and her audience sceptical but she has made it her mission to make them all feel better about their lives and ultimately their size

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