World's Strictest Parents: India

7:30pm Wednesday, September 16 on Prime


Tonight, Josh Breslin, 17 and Charlotte Abrahams, 16, from the UK, experience life for a week in India with the Sharma family. A strict middle class, Hindu family, Dad Sanjeev rules his kids with a rod of iron. Education is all important so the British teens are immediately packed off to school with 15 year old Ankita. Charlotte and school don’t mix, so she bunks off her second lesson, but is soon given a dressing down by the head teacher. Sanjeev is furious; his family name is at stake. Charlotte refuses to go to school while Josh wins a debating contest.

By the end of the week, after a relaxing weekend in the country, Sanjeev breaks through Charlotte’s barrier and Josh realises how privileged he is.

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