A Serial Rapist on Apparitions

9:30pm Tuesday, October 6 on Prime


Jacob is called to a prison when a serial rapist named Cory begins to exhibit signs of possession. He is astonished to find that Cory seems to be possessed by the Patron Saint of Rape Victims who chose to die rather than lose her virginity. Sister Ruth learns of Jacob’s activities and informs Bukovak. She is equally disturbed by the presence of Michael who, having lost his memory, is now residing in the seminary.

The roots of Cory’s possession are proving difficult to untangle. Jacob decides to spend a night in Cory’s cell, accompanied by the prison chaplain Daniel, to see if the devil or saint will reveal itself. That night Daniel receives a frightening apparition: a demon in the form of a young girl warns him of a pregnancy that will give rise to a Satanic Annunciation.

When Cory escapes from prison, will Jacob be able to reach him before he claims another victim?

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