Can Fat Teens Hunt? Premiere

7:30pm Wednesday, October 21 on Prime

Reality Series

This new series follows ten dangerously overweight teenagers as they embark on a perilous journey that could save their lives. In a last ditch attempt to turn their backs on their potentially fatal eating habits, they will spend one month with the Iban tribe, former headhunters, living deep in the harsh and remote jungles of Borneo, South East Asia. Arriving at their longhouse home, the teens are greeted by the Iban’s traditional welcoming ceremony – the slaughtering of a live pig. The Iban honour their young guests by inviting them to spear the boar – who will meet the challenge?

The first night is tough – sleeping on wooden floors underneath mosquito nets, surrounded by the dangers of the dark jungle with only makeshift toilet facilities. Already, one teen thinks she’s made the biggest mistake of her life and a secret, stolen kiss between two of the teens comes to light causing simmering tensions.

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