Even the wife Loves the new Freeview PVR

Instead of my normal analysis of features, functions and all things techo, I thought it may also be good to get a balanced view of the fairer sex. My wife writes the following:

Being a working mum with two children under five and a husband that travels quite often for business, Freeview has been my little bit of sanity in my normally seven day a week of chaos. As you can imagine there is not a lot of time in a day scheduled to just sit down with a warm cup of tea and a few well deserved biscuits to watch my favourite soap or a good tear jerking chick flick – Freeview’s recording system has been my saving grace – it not only allows me to record all my favourite programmes but also to watch them whenever I have some downtown. It is also great for those nights where you cannot find anything worth watching on telly.

The kids’ programmes on channel 6 are not only entertaining for the kids but also educational and it saves me from buying expensive DVDs for the kids to watch. There is no nasty cartoons on there that frighten the little ones and I have not once needed to change it or switch over to another channel because of language or violence – each programme contains a positive message and features educational storylines.

The only thing that I find a little annoying about the recording system is when it changes the channel to what you are recording when you are watching something else on a different channel, a simple message displayed on the screen would suffice – rather than everyone scrambling to find the remote to change the channel back especially if you are watching a suspense series or movie, there should really just be a reminder message displayed on the bottom of the screen which could give you the option to change the channel or not.

Overall the recording function is great at keeping some order to who gets to watch what when, I now don’t mind missing a programme knowing that I could watch it later.

And the fact that you can then race through all of the advertising breaks is an added bonus for anyone who hates the millions of advertisement breaks we get bombarded with on a daily basis. It is quite shocking to realise how little programme we actually get to watch when you fast forward through all the advertisements.

I cannot even imagine going back to watching telly the normal way. People visiting – even those with SKY comment on our clear picture quality and are impressed by the functions of the Freeview system, as very few people know what it is capable off.

Overall the experience with Freeview has been excellent, it fits easily into any household and gives you back control of your telly and what you would like to view without you having to subscribe to more expensive options like SKY. It gives normal TV channels a good oomph.


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