Loyalties Are Tested on The Apprentice

7:30pm Tuesday, October 6 on TV2

Tonight on TV2, there’ll be one top Trump and one more for the dole queue, as another wannabe Donald bites it, on The Apprentice.

Loyalties are tested when the seven remaining would-be business barons are given the task of selling a brand of mouthwash in a Sunday newspaper supplement.

After the events of last week, Team Arrow have doubts about Tim Urban’s commitment to them, and his relationship with Nicole is brought up by The Donald in the boardroom. Tim is mortified, and concerned that his loyalty to the team has been drawn into question.

“I’m in a mess right now,” he says. “I’ve gotten attacked in a boardroom that I wasn’t a part of. I lost the respect of Mr Trump, and I made myself a target on my own team. That’s great work by me.”

As the pressure of the task ramps up, Tim recognises that he has to pull his weight to stay out of the firing line.

“This is the first time that I’m really in a do-or-die situation. If I lose, it’s going to take about two seconds for the team to say that they lost a little trust – that I’m disloyal. I think if we win, I’m safe.”

The winners will be treated to an emotional reunion with their loved ones, and a special meal cooked by their families, while the losing team have to face the wrath of our billionaire curmudgeon in the boardroom.

In other Apprentice news, TVNZ has announced that a local version of the show will be coming to TV2.

Jane Wilson, General Manager of TVNZ Programming, says TVNZ is excited to bring this international hit to New Zealand, and the programme is now looking for contestants.

“We have a wide breadth of talent in New Zealand with many successful business men and women, as well as talented participants who will potentially win a big opportunity to advance their career,” Wilson says.

The Apprentice NZ will join TV2’s exciting new season line-up next year. The Kiwi Donald has not yet been announced. To apply visit www.tvnz.co.nz/theapprenticenz.

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