Piha Rescue Season 6 Premiere

8:00pm Monday, October 5 on TV One

Thousands of visitors flock to Piha in the summer months to enjoy the sand, surf, and wild terrain. However, many of those who visit the idyllic beach find themselves in desperate need of a lifeguard, as fickle water conditions make for dangerous circumstances.

Now in its sixth season, Piha Rescue (tonight at 8pm on TV ONE) brings the summertime action at Piha, right into viewers’ living rooms. This season, the lifeguards are as busy as ever with record numbers of people visiting the beach. When the surf’s up and the crowd is huge, it is hard work keeping everyone safe.

The majority of the lifeguards at the beach are volunteers who put in the hard yards to keep Kiwis safe in the water. They are required to have physical and mental strength, good people skills, quick reactions and the ability to cope with extreme levels of stress. The club also hits a milestone this season, reaching 75 years of service, and Piha Rescue was there to join in the celebrations.

Piha Rescue producer Eric Derks says, “Each year I am surprised at how quickly Piha beach can change from a calm, safe spot for swimmers and surfers, into a dangerous current, which is only suitable for the strongest swimmers amongst us – giving the rest only seconds to get to safety.”

A frightening new trend noticed by the guards this season, is the increase in small children left to their own devices in the water. Children are defenceless once they drift into the rips and on some patrols the guards save life after life, while the parents remain oblivious.

Also this series, the first aid room sees its fair share of emergencies, and there’s a welcome return for the Piha surf boat crews, who compete on the national circuit, and travel to France to compete in the (unofficial) World Championships.

Episode one sees guards work hard to save a man from drowning as extraordinary surf wreaks havoc between the flags, and a family has a terrifying ordeal.

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