Primeval Series Finale

11:30pm Wednesday, October 28 on TV2

The team face a race through time to stop Helen from destroying humanity, in the series finale of Primeval.

Helen (Juliet Aubrey) decides that the only way to halt the destruction of life on Earth is to stop human beings from ever evolving, so she travels back in time to the Pliocene period, intent on poisoning the first humans to have evolved in the Rift Valley in Africa.

The team, determined to stop her at all costs, endure a harrowing journey through time, battling future predators, raptors and pterosaurs along the way, and one of them has a life-changing encounter with the earliest humans – hominids.

Fans of the hit British show may have heard that this was to be the final ever episode, after the network decided that the programme (with its spectacular special effects sequences) was too expensive to produce. However, co-creator Tim Hines assures fans it is coming back for more seasons.

“Fortunately, the series is very successful abroad and none of the producers wanted to see it finish. Essentially, the budget stays as a £1 million show, which is important, because we didn’t want to come back with a cheap programme.”

The show has been re-commissioned for a fourth and fifth season, and Hines confirms that he’s managed to sign up the full cast.

“Yes, they’re all coming back, which is fantastic. This is the longest run that’s been commissioned. We started off getting six episodes, then seven and then ten. Now it’s 13. So it’s a long stint for them, but they’ve all signed up.”

As this series comes to an end, Hines has some definite highlights. “The airplane scenes with the Giganotosaurus in episode four!” He says. “Also, I thought that the Knight story was charming, and was different from what we had done before. And I found Cutter’s demise in episode three particularly moving.”

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