Save Our Home: Nikki and Hayden Searle

8:00pm Wednesday, October 21 on TV One

This week on Save Our Home, property expert Sarah Pearce and financial whiz Hannah McQueen come to the rescue of Nikki and Hayden Searle – a couple who are struggling to pay their mortgage, but busting to break into a better school zone before the eldest of their four kids turns five (tonight at 8pm on TV ONE).

For Hayden and Nikki the biggest issue they face is the strong emotional attachment they have to their home. When asked to value a similar home in a better area, the pair is convinced they would fetch a good deal more for their property. Distressed by the couple’s inability to be realistic, Pearce knows it’s going to take more than a friendly chat to bring them to their senses.

“We all get emotional about our homes, especially if you put lots of love and money into them, but emotional attachment and financial worth are not related. Nikki and Hayden need to understand that a property like theirs, in this suburb, is worth $100,000 more,” says Pearce.

With a huge mortgage and plans to increase their debt, moving up looks like financial madness, but McQueen and Pearce have the skills to show the Searle family how to get a home in a better suburb. The Save Our Home hosts believe that homeownership is still affordable for the average Kiwi.

Between them, McQueen and Pearce know the hard truths of home owning and the secrets to get ahead. Even a family on the minimum wage can pay off a mortgage. The real problem is not how much money people earn, but how they spend it.

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