Visions on Apparitions

9:30pm Tuesday, October 20 on Prime


Jacob is sceptical when a young Muslim called Zaid claims he has been seeing visions of the Virgin Mary. Jacob believes it is Satan playing tricks on him and his concerns increase when the visions become more sinister and the boy claims to have been shown images of his father suffering the torments of hell.

Meanwhile, in her search for the truth about Michael, Sister Ruth visits Vincenzo in prison. Vincenzo confirms that although Michael was the innocent vessel, he was responsible for Vimal’s death. When Jacob refuses to involve the authorities, Sister Ruth takes her discovery to Bukovak. She is surprised when he too seems hesitant to contact the police, suggesting they need more evidence. Ruth’s suspicions are further aroused when she notices a photograph of a young Bukovak taken during his time in Medjugorje, the location of an alleged apparition of the Virgin Mary and Zaid’s family’s home in Bosnia.

Michael is feeling increasingly vulnerable after a visitation by a demon pretending to be Jacob who leaves a gun for him. Michael gives Jacob the weapon and Jacob makes him promise to stay at the seminary. When Zaid’s brother seems to recognise Michael, Jacob realises that their fates are intertwined and that this may be the key to unlocking Michael’s past.

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