Can New Zealand's Stan Walker become an Australian Idol?

I haven’t really been a fan of Stan Walker on Australian Idol this year.  He’s done incredibly well to get to where he is but can he go all the way?  If it was New Zealand Idol, he would.  We love great vocals by boring singers.  Particularly when they’re plus sized – or is that average sized these days?

Stan has been the favourite for quite some time now but a very similar situation occurred a few years ago when New Zealand’s own Emily Williams was in the exact same position.  She too had been the favourite, with more than 50% of the vote at the top 12.  At the final result, Australia refused to allow a kiwi to take their crown.  Will the same fate befall young Stan in 2009?  Perhaps not.

Following Emily’s denial, Ireland’s Damien Leith took the next title which suggests that perhaps Australians have become comfortable with immigrants being their Idols.  Time will tell whether this acceptance is on offer to those from this side of the Tasman.

While I haven’t been convinced of his performance, the song he’s been given to release if he wins is outstanding.  In fact, possibly my favourite of all the winner’s singles I’ve heard.  The video is below.  Stan Walker – Black Box Lyrics

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