Hell's Kitchen Season Premiere

7:30pm Tuesday, November 3 on TV2

The knives are out tonight, as the brand new season of Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen comes to TV2.

Three hundred of the best chefs were invited to Hell’s Kitchen – but only 16 names are chosen to proceed in the competition. Each week, the ‘gastrophiles’ face the wrath of world-class chef Gordon Ramsay and his famous temper, as they battle to win $250,000 and the role of Head Chef at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City, a dream role for the aspiring cooks.

The teams are divided into men and women, and as the battle of the sexes boils over in the kitchen, Chef Ramsay is far from impressed with the teams’ effort during their inaugural dining service.

This year, there are varying degrees of experience amongst the budding chefs – included in the line-up is a 41-year-old cooking-school instructor, an executive chef and self-proclaimed redneck, and a food-court chicken fryer. Executive producer Kent Weed, however, reveals to TV Guide USA that the talent is exceptionally high.

“They are probably the best chefs we’ve ever assembled, making it our most competitive season yet,” says Weed. “We had no idea from episode to episode who was going to win, because so many [contenders] emerged.”

It wouldn’t be Hell’s Kitchen, however, without a couple of back-stabbers. “There are at least two or three villains, if you will,” Weed continues. “But there’s one person, in particular, that you will just love, who will make you laugh. In fact, we have a lot of loveable characters – and then we have contestants that will just make you angry!”

As Chef Ramsay prepares to stick the knife into his first victim, who will make the cut, and whose kitchen nightmare is about to come true?

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