If I Had You

RIALTO CHANNEL – Monday 30 November, 8.30pm

Detective Sharon Myers gets into dangerous waters as she returns to her home town and rekindles old friendships at a school reunion. The body of a young female teacher is found in a reservoir the following day and Sharon is asked to lead the murder inquiry. But she’s immediately hit by personal conflicts, as the clues point towards her former lover Phil. He’s now married to her friend Helen, but admits to a brief fling with the dead teacher. Sharon and Phil resume their affair and she hides vital evidence to protect him. But he begins to suspect someone is setting him up. When the relationship is discovered, Sharon’s colleagues search her house and find the murder victim’s missing mobile. Sharon and Helen are found by the reservoir and in the ensuing fight, Sharon is drowned. But is the murderer still at large? Directed by John Deery.

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