Inside New Zealand: The Truth About Asian Crime

9:30pm – Wednesday, November 11 on TV 3

In a sequel to Inside New Zealand: The Gangs, Inside New Zealand: The Truth About Asian Crime, screening on Wednesday, November 11th at 9:30pm on 3, sees veteran broadcaster Pam Corkery investigate the alarming rise of Asian crime in New Zealand.

The very mention of heavyweight Asian crime syndicates in New Zealand is invariably met with either silence or accusations of racism.

Sources and interviewees’ fears of being labelled xenophobic were some of the many barriers faced by the investigative team of Pam Corkery and Laurie Clarke when researching The Truth About Asian Crime.

“During the Gangs research there were numerous veiled references to a very dark force greater than the locally born criminals,” says Clarke, “but no-one was prepared to elaborate.”

Inside New Zealand: The Truth About Asian Crime delves into that dark place. “It reveals disturbing realities of grand scale narcotics trafficking, money laundering, impotent laws and corruption,” Clarke continues.

The documentary sees Corkery travel to China to the source of the P trade, gaining a rare interview with one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies – the manufacturers of the ingredients for making P.

She also investigates the supply chain in China and the ease with which these ingredients can be purchased in limitless quantities.

“With the flood of Asian immigrants over the past couple of decades, New Zealand inherited narcotics specialists who introduced and now control the dominant Class A drug market,” says Clarke.

Whether these individuals are part of a sophisticated criminal network of triads or opportunistic businesspeople is also investigated in the documentary.

“These people exploit our historically keen demand for drugs, willingness to pay top dollar, comparatively light penalties for drug dealing compared with their homeland, and their connections back in Asia.” explains Corkery.

Make sure not to miss this eye-opening documentary when Inside New Zealand: The Truth About Asian Crime screens on Wednesday, November 11th at 9:30pm on 3

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