Living Cultures Series Premiere: Curious Tribe

DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL – Saturdays from 7 November, 8.30pm

The ultimate culture clash…The Curious Tribe captures a unique experiment in which award-winning reporter Donal MacIntyre hosts five members of the Insect Tribe of Papua New Guinea in his London home. Turning the tables on MacIntyre’s previous visit to the tribe’s jungle in Papua New Guinea, the tribe members swap their war paint for sweaters and travel to Britain to satisfy their own curiosities about the British way of life. The Curious Tribe is a look at the ordinary things Western society takes for granted. The tribesmen experience England and its culture for the first time and through their eyes we begin to discover that some of our own customs and eccentricities are every bit as ritualized as theirs. Snow, escalators, beds, and football are just a few of the things the tribe members encounter in this eye-opening series.

“I had investigated them and their lives and now they wanted to turn tradition on its head, share our hospitality and, rather unnervingly, examine the way we live,” adds MacIntyre.

EP1 – THE CURIOUS TRIBE: MacIntyre reunites with the Insect Tribe of Papua New Guinea, but this time it’s on his own turf. Members of the tribe travel to Britain to stay with MacIntyre and his family but this is no ordinary tourist experience. The Insect Tribe have a deep fascination with British culture and are eager to observe the British way of life.

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