Save Our Home Series Finale

8:00pm Wednesday, November 18 on TV One

Tonight on the final of local series Save Our Home, property expert Sarah Pearce and financial whiz Hannah McQueen are on a mission to save champagne-loving newlyweds Val and Al a home (tonight at 8pm on TV ONE).

The immaculately made up and stylishly dressed Val is the doyen of the Miss New Zealand segment of Miss World. Determined to keep the pageant alive, she has put up some of her own money, and kept her day job, to fund it year after year.

“I’ve been involved for over 20 years in all the beauty pageants. Whether it’s Miss Howick or Miss Universe New Zealand, it’s definitely been a labour of love,” she says.

However Val and Al are nearing retirement, and with so little time before their incomes end, Pearce and McQueen have the hard task of finding the right home, while allowing them to keep the lifestyle they’re accustomed to.

With her sights set high, down-sizing the home the pair currently live in is not an option for Val: “I’m not a person who will live just anywhere, I have to have something that’s lovely and really nice because I love lovely things, and to say [Pearce and McQueen] are going to find me a house for $350,000, it would be a box, it would be in an area that I wouldn’t live.”

It appears that to maintain their lifestyle, Al is destined to work for a number of years to come. McQueen tells him how it is: “The facts are, you will need to continue working until you are 70, if you retire then, with the money you’ve got left over, you will be able to live in retirement for one year. Then you will have to start working again or downsize.”

Between them, Pearce and McQueen know the hard truths of home owning and the secrets to getting ahead. Even a family on the minimum wage can pay off a mortgage. The real problem is not how much money people earn, but how they spend it.

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