The Jaquie Brown Diaries: Brown's Bush

9:30pm – Friday, November 13 on TV 3

It’s guest stars galore when Jaquie continues her attempts to climb the celebrity ladder on the Qantas award-winning The Jaquie Brown Diaries, screening on Friday, November 13th at 9:30pm on 3.

This week’s hilarious instalment, titled ‘Brown’s Bush’, sees Jaquie accept an offer as a last minute replacement on a reality show called Celebrity Frontiers where the contestants must live as they did in early settler times.

“Celebrity Frontiers is a reality game show in which two teams have to live in remote native bush as either ‘Natives’ or ‘Settlers’ for the duration of the game,” Brown explains about her character’s latest outing. “There are no roads in or out of the bush, the only way in is via helicopter and the only way out is through elimination.”

As if all this wasn’t bad enough, Brown says that there’s an extra twist to the game, “Serita hosts the show and Jaquie is a contestant,” she explains, referring of course to Serita Singh (Madeleine Sami), Jaquie’s arch-nemesis.

But just like any other “celebrity” reality game show, Brown reveals that her character will not be the only C-grader facing these challenges.

“Other contestants include Claire Chitham, Joel Tobeck, Brooke Howard Smith, Cocksy, Helena McAlpine, Arwen Guttenbiel, Miss Mt Maunganui, Ricky Morris and an ex all white called Mark Patterson,” she says, referring to her character’s co-stars.

As for the rules of Celebrity Frontiers; “Just like a normal reality game show, the celebrities have to take part in daily challenges to win their rewards. There is an added element that the viewers also get to vote who they think should stay in the game each week,” Brown continues.

However soon after joining the Celebrity Frontiers cast Jaquie realises the anguish of the show isn’t just played up for the camera and wants out.

“Jaquie invariably ends up covered in mud, having food thrown at her or in some kind of argument with the other contestants,” Brown reveals.

But unfortunately for Jaquie leaving the series is not a options, “If you are eliminated first you will just cement your status as C grade even further or as Kim [Sharee (Hannah Banks)] puts it … ‘you may as well take a bath in fish shit because the stink of first elimination will never wash off’.”

So how will Jaquie cope with her Celebrity Frontiers challenges? Find out when the Qantas award-winning The Jaquie Brown Diaries continues its hilarious second season on Friday, November 13th at 9:30pm on 3.

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