Australian Gladiators on Prime

7:30pm Wednesday, December 9 on Prime

Entertainment Series

In tonight’s Gladiators, the Challengers are testing their stamina, agility, strength and power against the might of the Gladiators in four action-packed games: Hit and Run, The Wall, Sumo Ball and Pyramid.

For the women, it’s the battle of the personal trainers as a 31-year-old from Queensland and a 37-year-old from South Australia strive to survive until the next round. A Victorian school teacher and a self-employed fitness guru take on the power of the male Gladiators to try and gain valuable points, and thus a time advantage, for the final nail-biting Eliminator race.

Between them the might of the Gladiators towers 25.6 metres and weigh in at a formidable 1.19 tonnes. Working together as a powerful and commanding team, the Gladiators are more than strong opponents, they’re skilful combatants and the Challengers will have to outwit as well as outplay to gain valuable victories. Will the Challengers gain any valuable points before squaring off against one another in the Eliminator?

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