Eastenders: Peggy's Wedding

UKTV – Friday 25 December, 7pm

It’s the day of the wedding and Peggy is extremely nervous. She says the wedding preparations are a “bloomin’ farce” and hates the outfit that Archie has chosen for her big day. Ronnie tells her to change and wear what she wants, so Peggy puts on a dress she originally bought for herself. Outside the church, Phil and Peggy are still in the car; she hesitates to enter the church knowing Archie will hate the dress. Peggy talks to Phil about her worries about Archie and how she has changed. Phil encourages his mum to do what she wants and Peggy eventually overcomes her doubts and enters the church. Archie’s face drops as Peggy walks down the aisle and he sees the dress she’s wearing. Standing before the altar, Peggy defiantly tells Archie that this is who she is, and to make a choice before it’s too late. Take her as she is or not at all.

Danielle has sneaked in to the Vic during the wedding to place her locket in Ronnie’s champagne glass; she then hides out upstairs waiting for everyone to return from the church for the reception. Ronnie finds Danielle upstairs cradling Amy. Is she planning to abduct the baby? Ronnie angrily orders her to leave. Danielle, at the end of her tether at this rejection from Ronnie, breaks and tells her that she is her mother. She says that Archie has been lying to her and that the proof she needs is in the locket downstairs. Later, in a rare moment of fondness for her father, Ronnie gives a toast to him but as she raises her glass, she sees the locket Danielle placed there earlier. Ronnie comes to the sickening realisation of what this means and as the whole truth is finally revealed Archie’s world starts to fall apart around him. Shaken and desperate, Ronnie tries to find her daughter now knows the truth. She heads to the Slaters’ to see if Danielle is there, but there’s no sign of her. With Stacey in tow, Ronnie races down towards the tube station to find her daughter but what happens next shocks Ronnie to the core…

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