Inspiration From The Sea on Hell's Kitchen

7:30pm Tuesday, December 29 on TV2

Chef Ramsay takes inspiration from the sea, in this week’s challenge for the red and blue teams, tonight on Hell’s Kitchen.

As the new day dawns, Chef Ramsay calls the aspiring chefs downstairs to bring them face to face with their next challenge: King Crab! Each contestant must make one crab dish, and when time is up, they must decide as a team which dish to present to Chef Ramsay for tasting. One team will take the prize while the other will be left with the clean up.

Later that night, Ramsay announces they are going to be serving their own menus. It’s going to be the red menu versus the blue menu, and the teams set out to create their dishes. With three appetizers, three entrees and three desserts to complete, the pressure is on. Who will buckle and hand in their apron?

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