IRB accepts Rugby World Cup broadcast proposal

The International Rugby Board has accepted the joint bid by local broadcasters which will see TVNZ and TV3 joining Maori Television as the lead broadcaster of the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

There are still a few minor details to be sorted but in principle the deal has been agree to.

The deal will see Maori Television being the major free-to-air broadcast partner, screening every game, non-major games being delayed while TV One and TV3 have one All Blacks game each from the pool competition and all of the finals games.  TV One will also have the Opening Ceremony.

The joint bid means that Rugby will dominate our screens during September and October in 2011.  Uninterested parties will have either Prime, TV2 or one of the other Freeview Digital channels.

For a breakdown of who has what, check out our Rugby World Cup Free to Air Broadcast chart

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