Is @Seven Supposed to be Funny?

Is @Seven supposed to be funny? The two men who I assume are supposed to be comedians are absolutely lame. It’s appalling.

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  • Jeffrey

    Watched the first five minutes and gave up. Paul Ego is usually funny on The Rock as the comedic interjection guy. But everything he said fell flat. It all seemed too scripted.

    It didn’t bode well when Petra used the phrase Cowabunga, which even The Simpsons have made fun of in an episode.

  • aaronimpact

    I didn’t even know it had debuted. I usually watch Family Guy @seven.

    I don’t know why they keep getting Petra Pagust to host these shows. Maybe she has a lot of dirt (and a few dirty pictures) of people.

  • on Holiday

    /so what does Cowabunga mean?


    (exclamation): Originating as a greeting by Chief Thunderthud (the only Indian ever to have a moustache) to the Peanut Gallery on the 50’s television program “The Howdy Doody Show”, the term was later adopted by surfers in the 60’s.

    Chief Thunderthud: Cowabunga, peanuts!
    The Peanut Gallery: Cowabunga!
    Surfer: Cowabunga, dude!
    An exclamation of rejoice from the early 1990s. Usually uttered by teenagers wearing neon colors. Brought to popularity by the ever-so-famous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
    Leonardo: The pizza just got here!
    Michaelangelo: COWABUNGA dude!
    a cool word used mostly by surfers to greet each other, say they are having a good time or just happy.
    Kelly Slater- “Cowabunga!”
    Laird Hamilton- “Totally, dude, this party is awesome!”
    a singular word expressing appreciation of an amusing physical action.

    I took to saying it to my bulldog and pitbull in appreciation of their leaping on the kitchen table or doing something otherwise physically dramatic. Such as falling off the couch. I believe I picked it up from Homer Simpson.

    It’d be quite cool if the “American Indian” history is accurate.

    Lula the bulldog leaps vertically to murder a balloon: Cowabunga!
    chinese for i’m so confused right it’s not even funny. you can use it at parties or religious meetings. you can even use it at you cousin’s funeral. all the chinese men tell it to their doggies when they are going for walks. or when they go poopie in their pants. or this word can mean iLove you in arabic.
    chinese men gather for a funeral.
    chinese man 1: hey. what’s up?
    chinese man 2: COWABUNGA!
    chinese man 1: shweeet.
    Positive, Good, Great, in an aspect greater than ‘cool’.
    mostly used by headbangers, metalheads, skaters, surfers, and ninja turtles.
    Cowabunga dudes!
    its just a word u yell out…kinda like woohoo
    “Cowabunga, dudes”
    Quirky Sally’s definition is fine, but the word originated from surfer slang in the early sixties.
    Cowabunga! Look at her ride that wave.
    when you are smoking pot, and you don’t realize your high until 5 or 10 minutes later!
    wow I’m high…. cowabunga!
    Rock n’ roll!
    Are you ready to go?
    Cowabunga dude, lets hit it!

  • hat

    Not enough atmosphere – they need to replace Petra B (why did they choose her for it?!) for a COMEDIAN, redesign the set and get a couple more people on the desk. Get Jackie Brown or Michelle A. Or something. The comedians seem awkward around P.B. They don’t gel. There’s these weird silences that follow jokes because she always looks so awkward about them – like she doesn’t want too much ‘silliness’ lol

  • DJ

    LOL!! Obviously, the 7pm timeslot reduces what material that Paul Ego, Ben Hurley etc…. can use.

    It seems that it MUST be suitable for children/younger viewers as it’s a family timeslot!!!!

  • bobscoffee

    Well if the ‘comedians’ cannot make people laugh in a 7pm timeslot they obviously aren’t good enough or aren’t the right type of ‘comedians’ that should feature on the show.

  • Napierinframe

    I tried to like the show, I honestly did. I sat down and watched as much as I could over the past two nights, but it was just all too horrific. I don’t mind Petra, she’s the Jude Dobson of a new generation (good grief!), but Ego was just not funny in the slightest. His 80’s comercial recaps were especially droll. With him waffling over the top & ‘factoids’ popping up all over the screen you could hardly tell what the ad was for, let alone hear it. Corey’s items are full of so many preagnant pauses / dead air (waiting for someone to laugh perhaps?) that you could have cut the item altogether and noone would have noticed. And Dai? don’t even get me started. Even Jeremy Elwood, whos dry humour I usually adore, was not on top of his game, using his tv3 blog column as his item but with a 7Days ‘quizzy’ approach. Was it him or, more likely the show. has a review of “Dai Another Day” and a whole heap of scathing comments. My question is what can / do we do? I’m too am sick of a few unfunny hacks hogging all the limelite. There have to be many more actual comedians out there who are funnier and haven’t been given a break yet. So how do we get rid of the likes of @7 and get some actual talent on screen?  

  • regan

    Sadly, I think the reason they’re struggling is that these comedians tend to thrive on sex jokes and dropping the f-bomb, something they just can’t do at 7pm.

  • bobscoffee

    I completely agree with you Regan. That is the cheapest and lowest form of comedy.

  • aaronimpact

    Coffee, I have a hard time imagining you laughing at anything.