Love Wrecked

7:30pm Friday, December 18 on TV2

Amanda Bynes (Hairspray) and Chris Carmack (Smallville) star in the Friday Family Movie, Love Wrecked, a romantic comedy about a girl marooned on a beach with her rock idol.

Jenny Taylor (Bynes) is convinced she has found her ideal man. The only problem, he’s Jason Masters (Carmack), the world’s biggest rock star. Intent on finding a way to spend time with him, Jenny takes a job in his favourite Caribbean resort in St Luchas, with Ryan (Jonathan Bennett) her best friend. When Jason has an accident and is washed overboard in a storm, Jenny jumps in to save him and the pair find themselves swept onto a seemingly deserted tropical island.

Jenny discovers the resort is mere miles from where they are, but leaves Jason believing they are stranded so she can make him fall in love with her. However, soon she begins to realise that her perfect love may have been with her all along.

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