One Night Only Series Premiere

7:30pm Saturday, December 12 on TV2

Tonight, TV2 launches a brand new entertainment series, where ordinary Kiwis are handed a chance to perform in the spotlight, in One Night Only.

The show, hosted by Jordan Vandermade (The Singing Bee) and Clinton Randall (Just The Job), pitches two teams of regular people from all walks of life against each other for a cash prize. The teams are given vocal and dance training, and whisked into the limelight of the studio to perform songs as a group, a duet and as a solo artist. Judging the contestants on their singing skills are NZ Idol’s Iain Stables, songstress Elizabeth Marvelly, and former Shortland Street and Dancing With The Stars alumnus David Wikaira-Paul.

Producer Debra Kelleher, who previously brought the hugely successful Dancing With The Stars to our screens, was excited to bring this brand new format to TV2.

Kelleher explains that the thing she enjoyed most about the series was finding the talent spread across New Zealand. “We found every day Kiwis across the whole country, and stood them in the spotlight to raise money for their local communities. We discovered some amazing unsung heros and gave them a chance to shine on national TV.”

Kelleher was also happy with the dynamic pairing of Jordan Vandermade and Clinton Randell, to present the show. “Jordan and Clinton are two proven performers. They provide fresh, funny and supportive banter with the judges and contestants, and it gives the show some real warmth and humour.”

With such a diverse trio of judges, Kelleher says the judging calls could be across the board. “Elizabeth is the girl next door and is very fair, David is an all-round nice guy, and Stables tells it like it is. Ultimately, however, it’s the studio audience who the teams have to impress, as they hold the voting power in their hands.”

Tonight, a group of fire-fighters from Wanaka are performing for their town’s pride, and are up against some Kaitaia nurses. Who will prevail and take home the grand cash prize?

If you have missed an episode, full episodes of One Night Only will be available free online 12 hours after the show has aired on TV2. Go to and click the ‘ondemand’ button.

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  • samofthewest

    David Wikaira-Paul! Why!!! And Iain Stables? A very random mixture to say the least (Their careers-professional reality tv “stars”!).