@Seven gets mostly negative feedback initially

TV3’s pilot of @Seven started off on shakey ground but may get better over time.

Initial feedback from viewers is that the show would benefit from a live audience and whether Petra suited the show.

Positive ( 2 ):

Pretty damn good.  Better than Campbell Live for sure. @LuuukeDodd
It’s so awesome @BrOoKeElLeNaNa

Mixed/Neutral ( 7 ):

It will improve. Wasn’t a great first showing, but it has the talent to improve. Don’t think Petra suited it. Shavaughn would be a good anchor I think…or Jane Yee. @ell
It’s really funny, but lacks the energy of a live audience @itslukejoseph
Needs a live audience @JessCann
Average. And yet i continue to watch @GreerMcDonald
3/5 @kimmy4321
is the name inspired by twitter? if so they should have checked if the account wasn’t already in use @cameron_prebble
Soooo disappointing. Hopefully it gets better in time @Tinopai

Negative ( 12 ):

Sucked balls didn’t it! I love how Petra said it was either them or the Simpsons. Should’ve gone with the Simpsons TV3. – @MarkJamesDye
SUPER LAME!! @mvnz
Must have cost about $60 to make.  Cheap and not cheerful… @cjlambert
Oh dear.  fail tv show.  i <3 ben hurley but this show sucks.  @FiTheTerrible
Petra Bagust has as much personality as a goldfish. And concept of show is lame. TV off. @thenoemi
Oh dear. I’d have preferred Simpsons reruns. @badtom
I don’t understand @ seven on TV3??! It’s not that funny, and I hate news.. Time to turn the TV off! @_aims_
The new NZ TV3 show “@ Seven” is giving all the signs of being a poorly thought out and unprepared piece of media fluff. Poor Petra Bagust. @Psygnal
Reminds me of the lame skits we did at school camp aged 11. Like cracking an egg over a bowl for “breaking news”. @redcantab
Can I please have the last 30 minutes of my life back? @swiftynz
Appalling @dom_sutton
S***house. What the eff @JessCann

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