Shortland Street Fan Award Winners 2009

It was another big year for Shortland Street in 2009.  The show started its 17th season with the conclusion of Ethan’s Pierce murder and Maia Jeffries’ mental breakdown before the return of Justine Jones for the Scott Spears trial.  Morgan had her triplets, Ben disrupted the hearts of two Jeffries women, Shanti died and Rachel McKenna returned to sink her claws back into Chris Warner while new arrival Oliver Ritchie continues to stir up trouble in Ferndale.

Viewers gave the show an average rating of 7.5/10, down from 7.8/10 last year. 13% scored the season a perfect 10; down from 19% in 2008.

“It wasn’t as good as 2007, that was the best. but it’s still really good.”

“I hope it gets better because compared to other years this year has been the worst in a couple of years, get some better storylines and have a few happy endings!!!”

“I love Shorty and we always talk about it at my school and we nickname ourselves after Shorty characters!!!”

“It got worse as the year went on. The Ethan thing was cool but then i just got a bit bored but Libby’s hair is SO pretty and curly”

“Still my favourite 2 hours of the weekend, snugg;ed up on the couch for the omnibus!!”

Gabrielle Jacobs, the woman who ruined Libby’s latest chance at marital happiness took out the favourite female character while Kimberley Crossman won favorite female actress.

Of the the winner or runners up in the Favourite Couple category only one remains on the show.

It’s the runner up position for the second year in a row for Kieran Mitchell as TK Samuels takes the Favourite Male Character award but it’s the other way around for the Favourite Male Actor award as Adam Rickitt wins for the second year in a row.

Viewers are fairly unified over the loss of Kip Denton and Alice Piper in 2009.  There were hundreds and hundreds of comments requesting the pair be bought back to the show.

“We are always interested to hear feedback from fans of the show,” says a South Pacific Pictures spokesperson. “ It is fascinating to see who has come out trumps in terms of favourite characters and what has affected viewers the most in terms of key storylines. 2009 has been a huge year for Shortland Street and we can guarantee that 2010 will deliver even more excitement for viewers of the show.”

Fans on New Zealand’s TV community website Throng ( voted on 26 awards and results of winners and runners-up are as follows:

Favourite Male Character
TK Samuels
[Kieran Mitchell]

Favourite female character
Gabrielle Jacobs
[Libby Jeffries
Alice Piper
Sophie McKay] (all within 2 votes)

Favourite male character – recurring role
[Luke Durville]

Favourite female character – recurring role
Shobna Kumari
[Helen Carson]

Favourite male actor
Adam Rickitt (Kieran Mitchell)
[Benjamin Mitchell (TK Samuels)]

Favourite female actress
Kimberley Crossman (Sophie McKay)
[Fleur Saville (Libby Jeffries)]

Hottest male
Adam Rickitt (Kieran Mitchell)
[Benjamin Mitchell (TK Samuels)]

Hottest female
Kimberley Crossman (Sophie McKay)
[Faye Smythe (Tania Jeffries)]

Best dressed character
Libby Jeffries
[Sophie McKay]

Worst dressed character
Yvonne Jeffries
[Aroha Reed]

Best hair
Libby Jeffries
[Tania Jeffries]

Worst hair
Yvonne Jeffries
[Tracey Morrison]

Most missed character
Alice Piper
[Shanti Kumari]
Kip Denton was a close third

Favourite new character
Daniel Potts (Ido Drent)
[Gabrielle Jacobs]

Character you’d most like to get rid of
Brooke Freeman
[Rachel McKenna]

Favourite couple
Shanti and Scotty
[Kip and Alice]

Worst couple
Ben and Yvonne
[Brooke and Callum]

Which (non-dead) character would you most like to bring back
Alice Piper
[Kip Denton] a very close race
Justine Jones was a distant third

Favourite major storyline
Ethan Pierce murder

Saddest moment
Shanti dying

Most boring storyline
Morgans pregnancy

Biggest letdown
Shanti’s Death
[Kip and Alice leaving]
notable mention – Aroha’s singing

Rate the 2009 season overall:

Your one wish for 2010
Overwhelming response to bring back Kip and Alice

Other suggestions:
Ben and Yvonne to get married
Have another serial killer suspense storyline
For someone to actually have a happy ending with a baby that lives
Have a couple that stays together
A Sophie McKay sex tape scandal

Best thing to happen in 2009
Ethan Pierce storyline
Notable mentions:
Sophie and Keiran storyline
Kip and Alice finally getting together
Rachel McKenna coming back

Funniest thing of 2009
Ben confessing his love for Yvonne
Notable mentions:
Gabrielle (in general)
Callum comparing himself to Jesus

Watch hair colours on the girls – regrowth is being done and shows up mid-scene…
Stop killing off all the good characters
Decrease the number of close ups of Callum’s funny expressions
Not the best year …..Stop killing off the good characters…..Im still getting over Craig Valentine dying last year!    No more boring Chris & Gabby stories, get rid of that stupid Helen Carson? lady…..and please somebody put a sock in Tania’s mouth
Quite boring overall and not enough to keep me tuning in every night.  I don’t care about any of the characters deeply enough.  I miss Craig!

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  • Markienz

    I think some of the comments are quite silly. There was only one death this year.. ONE.. And still you complained about it.. You say 2007 was the best year, even tho there were many deaths in that year.. It seems that you don’t know what you really want.

    I think the awards are quite well recieved, there is few of them that I disagreed, but of course, it’s normal.. Well done to everyone involved!: )

  • bobscoffee

    2009 was a boring year, and that is probably shown in the ‘awards’. Favourite female in a recurring role – Shobna Kumari? Seriously? And Ben confessing his love for Yvonne as the funniest thing to happen in 2009? 2009 must have been a very, very boring year if that is the funniest thing that happened in 2009.

    Worst of all, everyone wanting Alice Piper and Kip Denton to come back? What is wrong with these people? All Alice was good for was getting trashed, while all Kip was good for was getting stoned and trying to be cool and funny while really he wasn’t. Whether the actor was trying to achieve that or that was a by-product of bad acting, I don’t know. What I do know though is that I definitely don’t miss those two.

  • Markienz

    I wholeheartly agree with you about Alice and Kip.

    But I found all of Gabrielle’s scenes quite funny and I thought that this year was quite good. There were quite good referring to a past characters unlike last year when you would think Maia would mentioned Jay’s year anniversary..

    I thought bringing Rachel McKenna was a fantastic move by the writers, but obivously, it’s not mutual with everyone else.. Brooke’s the villian here, people.. Brooke!!


    Tracey has awesome hair, and Tania has a right to speak her mind, but Libby deserves a better guy for next year. Get over Craig seriously, he’s dead. 🙂