What happened in the final episode of Shortland Street 2009?

Here’s a quick summary of what happened tonight:

After they argue, Kieran chases Sid from the party with a drunk and passed out Rachel in the car he jumps into.  He runs over and kills Morgan who is wandering around in the dark looking for Tania.  In a panic, he puts Rachel in the drivers’ seat.

TK vows to never give up on Sarah even though she continues to push him away.  Brooke hits on TK but he’s not interested. However, Sarah leaves with Max and gets together with him!

Hunter tells Tracey he has feelings for her.

Rebecca quits prostitution.

Songs in this episode:

Self Control – The Dukes
Friday Boy – Kirsten Morrell
Humanised Ft Bajka – Sola Rosa

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  • megval

    so TK has finally worked it out that Brooke likes him as she was hitting on him tonight.

  • venomsta91








    Its amazing that no one has yet put together who killed Morgan yes Kieran hit her but Sid / Shawn hit her first as you saw Morgan was walking on the road so basically how could Sid / Shawn have missed her. He liked Morgan he would have picked her up but he hit her realised and drove off which is why the I.V doesent burn down.

    2010 will start off with Hunter and Tracey spotting Rachels courtesy car parked they go and check it out while Tracey is trying to wake Rachel Hunter spots blood on the road and finds morgans body in the bushes.

    The first clue that Sid / Shawn is to blame and a very easy thing to miss will be the unexplained dent in the rental car.

  • jhjh2000

    ly how could Sid / Shawn have missed her. because Morgan was walking on the road after Sid / Shawn passed by and missed her

  • haka5

    loved the final episode can’t wait till the new season starts