Wife Swap UK: Alison Henry and Michele Gibbs

9:30pm Wednesday, December 2 on Prime

Reality Series

An explosive Wife Swap hits the screens this week as Alison from Eastbourne and Michelle from Northampton trade places for 10 days. Alison Henry has one priority in life; her five children. She cooks, cleans and runs around after them all day every day. Alison believes her role is to make life as fun and comfortable as possible for her children and so the household is run according to the kid’s timetable. Alison doesn’t like rules or forcing her kids to do anything they don’t want to do, meaning they have no set bedtime leading to post-midnight running around and even once they’re in bed they rarely stay there.

Michele Gibbs is a mother who believes adults should be in charge. In her house, her three children respect her word – they know she has the final say. Michele believes children need structure, routine and discipline and has set bedtimes for them alongside a strict rota of chores that have to be completed. Michele and husband Paul make sure the kids are tucked up in bed so they have plenty of time together.

How will Alison cope with handing out punishments to children and having to stick to them? And how will the kids react to rules, punishments and a strict rota of household chores? How will Michele cope with a houseful of children who expect their mother to do everything? The table meeting proves to be a bomb shell – one couple is not sure if they will be able to stay together due to the swap.

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