2009 News Audience Results

End of year data shows ONE News continued its dominance over 3 News last year attracting on average 600,760 viewers a night in 2009 compared to 354,480 watching 3 News.

Viewers stayed with TV ONE following the news, Close Up averaged 495,660 every night in 2009 more than double Campbell Live’s average nightly audience of 225,620.

“The most significant audience increase in news and current affairs last year was for Breakfast,” says Flannery.

“It increased its audience by almost 50% last year, that’s an achievement I’m enormously proud of.  All the credit goes to the Breakfast team for their commitment and huge effort they put in morning after morning for their viewers”.

Breakfast began 2009 with 108,150 viewers watching every morning on average in January, increasing to an average of 157,210 watching every morning in December.

Sunrise started with 29,910 on average watching every morning, and finished the year in December with an average of 20,510 watching every morning.

Pippa Wetzell kicks off Breakfast 2010 on Monday with US Correspondent Tim Wilson as her co-host.  Some of TVNZ’s most popular and familiar faces will co-host with Pippa until Paul Henry’s return in March.
“It’s going to be a huge year for our team in this quickly changing media environment,” says Flannery.

“We’re committed to delivering top quality journalism, and in 2010 our focus is on delivering the news that’s important to New Zealanders where and when it happens.  We thank our audiences for their support in 2009, and we’re determined to be there for them in 2010 when it counts.”

Source: AGB NMR (Measurement: All people 5 years+ nationwide)

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  • frenzy

    “We’re committed to delivering top quality journalism”


    A couple of recent examples:

    Repeatarly reported (across many days no less) Maka Renata was 13 years old when he raped a woman. He was 14.

    Got the year wrong for the 7 July 2005 London bombings in their New Years Eve Decade of News show.

    Basic msitakes that should never happen.

    Then you get items which don’t give you all the facts. For example the news item on how last decade was the warmest ever (and made a big deal about it), but never mentioned how much warmer it actually was from the previous decades. It reality is was actually minor (http://www.stuff.co.nz/timaru-herald/news/national/3210444/), but I bet most viewers assumed it was a big increase.


    Most people watch ONE News because we are creatures of habit. Look what happened when Holmes left, they kept on watching ONE.

  • bobscoffee

    Either that or we have very limited choice. The folk over on 3 are no better and unless we can afford Sky or we decide to switch to other mediums we’re stuck with the rubbish ONE News and 3 News produce.

  • O

    I am wondering why this is under “Rachel’s blog” when it looks like a TVNZ press release.

  • frenzy

    Totally agree with you bobscoffee.

    I watched 3 News over the last 2 weeks due to being on holiday. I gave up on 3 News about 2 years ago. What I saw this time round probably won’t make me watch them more (really hate the set & its colour, and the lime/green colour they use in their graphics).

    But I was impressed they was minimal live crosses to reporters (budget reasons? yes I’m a cynic). ONE News do it TOO often and most times it adds nothing to the news item (especially when they are simply standing outside the news studio – “I don’t know what Lambton Quay has to do with this news story”).

    I was not impressed when they stand up next to the big TV screen for the share market and dollar update (why??), and when they sometime do the “touch the screen” to show the next graphic. What a waste of time. Same goes for ONE when they stand up as well.


  • Rachel

    O – thanks, have corrected.