Bring It On Screens On Maori Television

For energy, excitement and hip hop moves so new, some of them haven’t been invented yet, one dance event rocks Auckland high schools more and more every year.

BRING IT ON – an unmissable, five-part series that captures all the best action from the 2009 secondary schools competition -screens on Maori Television from Friday January 8 at 8.30 PM.
Thousands packed out Vector Arena to see the finalists – roughly 700 competitors – do their thing on a huge 360-degree stage.

“They had to keep in mind their performance was being viewed on four sides,” says producer and presenter Skye Stirling. “What a huge challenge. But the students were so brimming with passion and commitment, that was just one more challenge to relish.”

There was no mistaking the hard work behind the truly inventive formations and moves, as well as the costumes and hair. At stake, $5000 for the winning team.

But most of all, participation was about pure passion, hard work and love of dance.

“The message to our rangatahi is that when you have a dream anything is achievable – if you believe and give it a go. That is why I am so passionate about this, so we can give our rangatahi hope,” says Stirling.

The groups were judged on the flow of choreography, difficulty, costume and presentation, timing and even ‘x-factor’. The use of the stage was important too.

The event started in 2003 with just nine schools, but has grown to need zoned sections. Only 13 teams can go to the final – three each from the four corners of the city, and one wild card. A special performance features an ‘all star’ team, with up to two students from each team.

Episode 1: The Prep. A catch up with founder Talanoa Raine, some performances from south Auckland students, and the all stars have a surprise in store.

Follow your favourite teams, as the kids from Kelston, Epsom, Onehunga, Mangere and many more showcase their skills, in BRING IT ON, only on Maori Television, from Friday January 8 at 8.30 PM.


Pieter Tuhoro
Born in Hamilton, Pieter Tuhoro, aka ‘Pieter T’ is a singer and MC.
His radio singles: Cold Nights, Stay With Me, featuring The Truth,  Business featuring local hip hop stars, PNC and Dei Hamo, and the latest single, Can’t Stop Loving You.
He says he was “also privileged to have an opportunity to jump on a few Smashproof tracks.”

Signed to Chong Nee’s Hand Made Records, Pieter T has also been a guest celebrity on TVNZ’s I AM TV. He has appeared in New Zealand’s leading hip hop and R&B magazine, Back 2 Basics.

Skye Stirling

A young, enthusiastic hip hop lover from way back, she has worked with both Urban Beat and Dziah.

“I have always enjoyed both fresh, funky styles. Growing up, I always wanted to dance and now that I’m older I want to broadcast these amazing competitions and showcase all of the youth talent out there. I believe hip hop dance and the culture itself is taking over and will soon be recognized as a sport.

Born and breed in East Auckland, she moved to South Auckland at 15 and still lives there.
She started out at Maori Television as a transcriber, and her career has gone from the ground up. She has spent a lot of time travelling all over the country for work, filming many big events.

“It’s is a huge achievement for a young teenager who didn’t do the best at school. To produce my own show has been a dream of mine since I started. Now I am living it! I want to produce more hip hop shows and I’m always looking at potential stories.”

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