Dog Squad Premiere

7:30pm Monday, January 25 on TV One

New, local series Dog Squad follows the integral role of working dogs and their handlers, as they play on the frontline protecting New Zealand’s streets, prisons, mountains, airports and borders (tonight on TV ONE at 7.30pm).

The series shows the action, following the real scenarios that unfold as a result of these dedicated hard-working dogs, in the Correction Service, Police, Aviation Security, Customs, MAF and Search and Rescue. While examining the relationship between the loyal canines and their handlers, viewers get an insight into the bond each duo have, and each dog’s unique style of operating.

For narcotics detector dog handler Maurice O’Connor, the partnership he shares with his dog, ‘Officer Ted’, is the best part of the job: “He doesn’t argue with you, he does what he’s told, when he’s told, he’s loyal and he’s always happy to see you,” he says.

The results of hours and hours of training undergone by these trusty canines is best seen when they sniff out drugs, track down criminals, and locate animal or vegetable matter that could be potentially devastating to New Zealand’s wildlife.

Although the series is full of twists and turns, it’s the unexpected finds that are most pleasing for the dog handler teams. “The interesting stories behind some of the smaller finds, which prove the dog is working really hard, were a highlight for me. As well as the interesting explanations people try and give when they’re caught with contraband,” says O’Connor.

O’Connor is one of the key handlers in the series and is dedicated to the cause: “I decided to be part of the series because we wanted to show good PR for the Department of Corrections, and to show the importance of the role of detector-dog teams in this environment,” he says.

Episode one sees corrections dog ‘Ted’ zero in on a prison visitor with a dubious carload of gear; the Police Delta Dog squad are called to an all out street brawl; and Search and Rescue dig for bodies in the snow.

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  • Georgina Daniels

    Hi,  I have given permission to dog squad to view me on tv is there anyway i can take that permission back before it goes on air I am not to sure when it will air I don’t want to embarrass my family and especially my daughter. I would much appreciate it if you could help me this problem asap. Thank you.