Escape To The Legion Premiere

8:30pm Sunday, January 17 on Prime

Reality Series

Traditionally the Foreign Legion has been a place for men to escape a past they’d rather forget. It is a chance for a new name, a new identity and the opportunity to start again. In this new series, adventurer and explorer Bear Grylls rounds up a diverse band of eleven men who have realised they need to change. They are all looking for redemption and personal transformation in the harsh and brutal life of the world’s most romantic and mysterious army.

This series draws on the most punishing and iconic aspects of Legion life over the past 40 years. For four weeks from a fort in the blistering Sahara, three fearsomely tough ex-legionnaires with over 30 years experience between them, push our recruits to their limits. For the ex-legionnaires, pain is simply weakness leaving the body and over the course of the four weeks our recruits discover just what that means.

Throughout the series ex-legionnaires discuss their own experience adding real life testimonies to the constructed Legion experience. Bears role is of chief motivator. He inspires and pushes his recruits through the tough times. His challenge, his toughest yet, is get all 11 through.

EPISODE ONE: It’s a rude awakening for the new arrivals as they endure physical breakdown, mental exhaustion and torturous sleep deprivation. Within 24 hours one recruit bails out, another ends up in hospital and the rest face the terrible prospect of an agonising mile high climb up a wall of scorching sand.

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