Missing Pieces Series Premiere

8:00pm – Tuesday, January 26 on TV 3

Missing Pieces, the ground breaking Qantas Award-winning local series which re-unites people with a past they thought they had lost, returns to our screens on Tuesday, January 26th at 8pm on 3.

Missing Pieces tell the stories of surprise re-unions. Each tale starts with a down the barrel video “plea” from the seeker, explaining who they are looking for and why.

Then the viewer is taken on a journey as the Missing Pieces team of investigative journalists traces the lost child, parent, friend or lover.

Series producer David Lomas says the initial contact with the person being sought was always the difficult part and had to be handled carefully.

“We were dealing with unique, sometimes extremely sensitive situations,” Lomas explains.

With taped phone calls and covert filming, viewers see and hear the actual reaction of the person sought when they are first approached.

“It is eavesdropping on real life,” says Lomas. “Some people are overjoyed they have been found. Others are very suspicious.”

As well as these surprise reunions, this season Missing Pieces is incorporating a new “Plea Segment” into its format, allowing people the opportunity to find their missing loved-ones.

Make sure to join the Missing Pieces team for this week’s season premiere as they travel to the iconic Greek city of Athens where a young man desperately searches for his Greek father.

Later, this week’s Plea Segment attempts to help Theresa find her dad. Missing Pieces premieres its second season on Tuesday, January 26th at 8pm on 3.

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