Morning briefing

ABC Australia will launch a new 24 hour news channel.

The 2010 UK National TV Awards winners included:

Best Drama: Doctor Who
Best Soap: Coronation Street

Best Soap Acting: Lacey Turner (Eastenders)
Best Drama Acting: David Tennant (Doctor Who)
Most Popular Newcomer: Craig Gazey (Coronation Street)

Most Popular Talent Show:
The X Factor
Most Popular Comedy: Gavin and Stacy

A big Brothers & Sisters spoiler.

New shows:

FremantleMedia is producing a new reality show about David Hasselhoff and his two daughters.

Matadors (ABC): about two feuding families, one in the Chicago district attorney’s office and the other opposing them in the city’s most influential private law firm.

True Blue (ABC): a soap described as The Big Chill set in a San Francisco homicide squad who reunite to solve the murder of one of their own.

Untitled Alien Invasion Series (TNT – Steve Spielberg, Dreamworks): Noah Wyle stars as the leader of a rag-tag group of soldiers and civilians struggling against an occupying alien force who have wiped out most of the human race.

Delta Blues (Working Title) (TNT): an offbeat police series starring Jason Lee and Alfre Woodard.

Rizzoli & Isles (Working Title) (TNT): starring Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander, is based on Tess Gerritsen’s popular mystery novels about a detective who works closely with a medical examiner to solve crimes.

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  • regan

    What’s Fremantle’s show going to be called?  Re-meet the Hasselhoffs?