Morning briefing

Paul Henry filmed a “test show for a new high-profile television slot” late last year.

Hannah Montana will officially end in spring 2011.

Simon Fuller and Perez Hilton have joined together for a new TV competition, Boy Band.

A remake of cop series Hawaii Five-O is in the works.

Fox has given the green light to two pilots, an untitled comedy from Adam Goldberg about twentysomething geniuses who crack computer security systems and Midland, a soap set in the oil business with a polygamist living a double life.

Anil Kapoor (Slumdog Millionaire) will play a Middle Eastern president in 24.

Gena Rowlands joins the cast of NCIS.

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  • Gerald F

    And don’t forget that Prince William arrives in New Zealand today!  I’m following him on the Official NZ Visit Facebook site –

  • X Z

    I got this by Email his morning marked “top secret” DO NOT tell anybody

    NZ Top Free To Air programs coming up for 2010

    All funded by New Zealand On Free To Air (NZOFTA)

    Here 2day gone after 2morrow

    This is a highly thought of program by our panel of free to air TV judges, it talks about why men loose their hair. Some men get such a hang up they shave all their hair off, but it does not take long for everyone around them to cotton on why they shaved all their hair off, this program found that some men even stop doing house work thinking that they will not loose so much hair. Yes that is right you can see this great program on free to air TV this year.

    beta coka!

    This great new series goes around the neighborhood asking people how they cook their meals now. Do they use the old shove or the more modern microwave or is it the brand new hot air rotary cooker? and they even found some joker that put a screw lid on his hot water cylinder and uses that to boil cook his dinner each night in his hot water cylinder to save the household budget, he said “Sometimes I smell a bit funny after having a morning shower, but that’s what you get for thinking inside the square in these tough economic times” Yes that is right you can see this great program on free to air TV this year.

    How many ladders does it take to change a light bulb?

    Yes that is right, this program is all about ladders, with these new ladders that could be used in 101 positions, this program talks to people that have different ladders. Strange as it may seem, the makers of this program never found any couple that had sex on a ladder. They did find someone that said “we do not need a ladder, we just put the TV on the end and stand on that. Very handy” Yes that is right you can see this great program on free to air TV this year.

    Warts on you?

    This program set up camp in a shopping mall and ask passer-biers if they had any warts and where were they? I tell you they got some very strange looks from some people. But there were a lot of other people very happy to show off their warts. I can not tell you too much more or you have bad dreams before you get to see this great program. Yes that is right you can see this great program on free to air TV this year.

    NZ Idol Farters

    This program goes around the country looking for New Zealand best farters And each week gives out a great recipe for that super fart that won that weeks Competition. Thats right there are dry farts, long farts, wet farts, short farts, alternating long and short farts rip-raps bubbles blobs and squeak farts. So practice today and be ready to be a winner for when “NZ Idol Farters” comes to a town near you. Yes that is right you can see this great program on free to air TV this year.

  • theidolwhorocks

    They need to put nz idol back on. Dominic Bowden or someone else, it needs to be back on.

  • Rachel

    I’d love to see it back but I think seeing a NZ X Factor seems more likely now than NZ Idol.

  • on Holiday

    Lets hope the revamp on Hawaii Five-O does not turn this great old program into crap, that happens so many times on revamped series.

    Those old Hawaii Five-O series is worth a repeat just like Magnum P.I. is repeated on TV3.

    For most of the viewers they would see it for the first time.

  • regan

    I doubt either show will make it to TV.  No one seems to be smart enough to monetise 17 weeks of prime time television any more.